Ecommerce SEO Keyword Case Study: Crossbows for Sale

So, why does the competition dominate Google’s 1st page for crossbows for sale keywords? 

If you were in the crossbows for sale business, are you confident at identifying your E-Commerce+Online+Marketing trophy keywords
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Trophy Keyword DiscoveryEstimated Yearly ImpressionsGoogle Adwords Costs
crossbows for sale336,080$13,001.63
used crossbows for sale17,207$1,149.78
hunting crossbows for sale15,837$859.24
used crossbows for sale cheap877$78.50

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Trophy Keyword DiscoveryEstimated Yearly ImpressionsGoogle Adwords Cost.
crossbows for sale336,08013,001.63
used crossbows for sale17,2071,149.78
hunting crossbows for sale15,837859.24
used crossbows for sale cheap87778.50
mission crossbow bolts4,624495.61
pse toxic crossbow4,26816.66
crossbow bipod2,371188.50
mathews quivers for sale1,956336.81
pse crossbows for sale1,719140.19
mathews harmonic stabilizer1,12618.92
pse toxic1,12618.92
lionheart crossbow7710.00
handheld crossbows7110.00
pse tac 15 for sale7110.00
barnett crossbow rc-3003560.00

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