Graphic Design Marketing Plan | Best Keyword Research Ideas

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Download PDF sample report for graphic design marketing plan:

Keywords Row1Est. Views Row2How Much Row3
Top KeywordsEst. Google views/monthAvg cost/month …if PPC spend
graphic design illinois3,340$294.86
graphic design chicago1,186$165.48
graphic designer in chicago829$67.25

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Top KeywordsEst. Google views/monthAvg cost/month …if PPC spend 
graphic design illinois3,340$294.86
graphic design chicago1,186$165.48
graphic designer in chicago829$67.25
chicago graphic design690$28.26
graphic design in chicago584$112.20
graphic designer chicago556$71.64
graphic designers chicago400$63.51
graphic design firms chicago278$64.23
graphic design in illinois260$40.89
illinois graphic design231$18.86
chicago graphic designer211$12.26
chicago graphic design firms194$30.66
graphic designers in chicago178$23.21
chicago graphic designers155$12.28
Alt. Graphic Design Keywords with ChicagoEst. Google Views/monthAvg. Cost/month per keyword…
chicago web design8,267$1,892.75
chicago seo2,922$1,182.10
illinois web design2,287$797.65
chicago website company2,105$217.16
chicago website design2,017$206.73
marketing company chicago2,017$192.69
chicago web designers1,804$319.51
web design chicago1,643$933.69
seo illinois1,464$192.82
marketing companies in chicago1,450$547.09
web development and design company1,445$135.97
web development and design company1,437$160.15
online marketing chicago1,435$1,677.45
illinois seo1,104$295.34
marketing companies chicago1,039$97.19
web development chicago956$286.68
website development chicago894$368.85
website designers chicago883$553.94
website development illinois661$128.73
chicago web designer660$106.18
website design chicago629$158.29
marketing company in chicago577$148.31
chicago web development571$5.53
chicago design firms556$9.16
web design companies chicago426$81.66
web design illinois423$211.28
chicago website development410$9.63
illinois seo company369$74.41
chicago web developer327$30.59
chicago website designers322$28.47
chicago web company311$16.79
seo services chicago291$7.56
seo company chicago280$567.87
website design illinois266$87.10
web design companies illinois246$289.56
chicago marketing company244$15.55
web developers chicago228$16.30
illinois website design225$19.81
web design company chicago223$36.29
website designer chicago223$3.23
website developers chicago223$33.30
chicago web design firms197$4.42
web development illinois184$26.91
chicago web design companies176$23.68
web design companies in chicago166$10.23
web design in chicago166$4.78
web developer chicago161$15.63
chicago seo companies150$12.00
illinois website designers135$15.99
web designer illinois135$39.99

There are literally thousands of keyword phrases that could bring traffic to your website. Do you know which ones they are?

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Keyword phrase analysis is a crucial part of a web strategy for any online business. Marketing strategies for graphic designers and tips include seo marketing strategy examples.

Here’s the snapshot: