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In 21-days decide if our service is right for you. Once you've tasted performance based seo, consider making a payment of just $200-500/mo for the 30-hours of work.

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• Quick 1-hour start-up time
• Includes 50-60 keywords to start with 30-hours of work under no obligation or risk.
• Low flat-fee per month after rankings materialize. No contracts!

Our pay for performance seo results are COMPLIANT to search engine updates for cuddly animals ie Panda, Penguin etc.

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Our performance based seo results are COMPLIANT to search engine updates for cuddly cute animals ie Panda, Penguin etc!

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See Our Track Record: This excel table BELOW demonstrates our most recent results. The left column lists the keywords, the right column points out the current rank in the main G o o g l e search results. Email us to get a more updated list and client testimonials for performance based seo. The proof is in the eating: Results are what count, as in Let's see if this campaign actually helps sales, clicks and branding presence -- the proof of the pudding, you know. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, don't you know. +Development